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How to choose right Non-Sparking Safety Tools with high quality?

Apr. 02, 2020

When it comes to non-sparking hand tools, some people say they are not copper tools? This is actually a misunderstanding. Because the purity of copper has advantages and disadvantages, if the non-sparking safety hand tools are made of copper containing impurities, sparks will be generated during use, causing an explosion accident.

So how to choose high-quality non-sparking safety hand tools? I think the following points should be considered mainly:

1. Choice of raw materials

High-purity beryllium master alloy is the key to the manufacture of non-sparking safety hand tools. The raw materials of HEBEI OUYANG SAFETY TOOLS are imported from Kazakhstan, which ensures the purity of the raw materials and increases the reliability of the product.


2. Processing technology

The most advanced manufacturing process is die forging, high density, high hardness, increased torque value and extended service life.


3. Testing and certification

Qualified products must have a series of certifications such as FM UKAS CNAS. These certifications are very authoritative internationally. Consumers recognize these certifications, especially some customers in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Some crudely manufactured products do not have these certifications.


4. Company growth history

On the other hand, the company's growth experience can reflect the quality of the company's products. As a company with a 38-year growth history, HEBEI OUYANG SAFETY TOOLS  is the world's leader in non-sparking safety hand tools. The quality of the non-sparking safety hand tools it produces has won world customers Trust, especially the recognition of customers in developed countries in Europe and America.


Here are some real non-sparking tools photos of HEBEI OUYANG SAFETY TOOLS,as follows:

Made by Copper Beryllium Alloy:


Made By Aluminum Bronze:



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