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Our Stainless Steel Tools,SS304/420/316

Sep. 25, 2021

Today,we will show you some info about our SS Stainless Steel Hand Tools.

Basic info as follows: 

Materials: SS 304, SS 420,SS 316

Zero or low tolerance to contamination and particles;

Avoiding premature rust of parts by particle contamination;

Used in : Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food Equipment, etc

Increasing tool lifetime.

Some real photos as follows: 

 Stainless Steel Tools (4).jpg Stainless Steel Tools (4).jpg Stainless Steel Tools (4).jpg Stainless Steel Tools (4).jpg Stainless Steel Tools (4).jpg

Our stainless steel tools workplace :

Laboratories,Biotech and biomedical,Cleanrooms,Pharmaceutical,Nutrient prodction,Nuclear industry,Silicone wafer production,Food processing,Wet process facilities,Ship building,Construction,Manufacturing,Automotive,Aeronautics,Marine applications,Power,Chemical Industries,Naval ( vessels /ship maintenance),Nuclear Power plants,Chemical industries,Humid environments,Wet processing,Water desalination,Salt production,Water treatment plants etc.

Why we should choose stainless steel tools? 

1.Materials and finishing used in their production enables sterilizing them thousands of times;

2.Stainless steel tools will not contaminate other SS components and thus not make them get rusted;

3.Stainless steel is a low carbon steel enriched with above 10% chromium, which allows the formation of an invisible chromium oxide layer that protects the core from rusting.  Even when the layer is damaged chemically or mechanically, the oxygen of the environment will repair the layer again.

Any other questions,pls feel free tell us at any time,very hope we could have opportunity become your partner.

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