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  • Non-Sparking Tools Valve Wheel Wrench - OY6176C
  • Non-Sparking Tools Valve Wheel Wrench - OY6176C

Non-Sparking Tools Valve Wheel Wrench - OY6176C

Non-sparking Non-magnetic; Copper Beryllium (Be-Cu) or Aluminum Bronze(Al-Cu); ATEX Zones 1, 2, 20, 21 & 22; ATEX Rated Ex GB II C;
Product Description

Non Sparking Safety Tools Valve Wheel Key Spanner Wrench ATEX 300mm

Non-sparking Non-magnetic,Corrosion Resistant;
Copper Beryllium (Be-Cu) or Aluminum Bronze(Al-Cu);
ATEX Zones 1, 2, 20, 21 & 22;
ATEX Rated Ex GB II C;

Made In China


EOS R_0660.jpgEOS R_0660.jpgEOS R_0660.jpgEOS R_0660.jpgEOS R_0660.jpg

Our beryllium mater alloy import from Kazakhstan,which make the raw materials of non-sparking safety tools pure,and ensure our non-sparking safety tools high quality compared with others.And our non-sparking safety hand tools are punch forged manufacturing processes,best quality design and manufacturing processes,make non sparking safety tools high density and strength.

There are 2 kinds of non-sparking, non-magnetic materials available:

1.Be-Cu: Beryllium Copper (Best material for Non Sparking Non Magnetic Safety Hand Tools, the very highest quality);

2.Al-Cu: Aluminium Bronze (Economic material for Non Sparking Safety Hand Tools, still excellent).




Our Advantage:

1):Leader and professional manufacturer since 1983;

2):Non-Sparking materials imported from Kazakhstan;

3):More than 5000 specs tools (Non-Sparking/40CR-V Steel/Stainless Steel/VDE 1000V Insulated/Titanium Tools)& 600 experienced workers;

4):Customers from more than 100 counties in the world;

5):OEM Service: Yes;

6):Delivery in time;

7):Zero-risk after-sales service.

Our factory and products photos,as follows: 

EOS R_0660.jpgEOS R_0660.jpgEOS R_0660.jpg

Products Warranty

HEBEI OUYANG SAFETY TOOLS quality commitments are as follows: 

First, product quality commitment: 

1.The quality record and test data are available for the manufacture and testing of the products;

2.The whole process of product performance testing, after the product is confirmed to be qualified, then packing and shipped. 

Second, after-sales service commitment: 

1. Service tenet: fast, accurate, thoughtful and thorough. 

2. service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction. 

3. Service efficiency: If there is any quality problem in the warranty period or outside the 

warranty period, we will promptly assist in the repair after receiving the notice. 

4. Service principle: During the warranty period (one year), we will replace the parts and components damaged by quality reasons & manufacture defects for free. The damage of the parts outside the warranty period, the accessories provided only cost, and the damage caused by the human factors of the demand side. The parts we repair or provide are based on cost. The products sold by our company are strictly in accordance with the national three-package standard, and the quality assurance is strictly in accordance with the warranty period. 

5. For products, such as quality problems, the "three guarantees" commitment is as follows: 

Free return within 1-7 days; free replacement for 2-8 to 15 days; 3 During the quality assurance period of the product, we are fully responsible for the quality of the product; after the product has passed the quality guarantee period, the product needs to be replaced and the accessories need to be replaced. The company only accepts the cost of spare parts and is exempt from labor costs. 4 Guarantee that the goods provided are all brand new original goods.

Any other question,pls feel free tell us at any time,we will do our best for you,thank you!

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